How A Psychologist Can Help With Depression


When there’s something wrong with us, we want to fix it, and we want it done right. If not, it can worsen our conditions. People usually don’t look to their friends or family for the answer—and that’s because friends and family are not certified. We want doctors, usually with medical degrees. A psychologist can help you find the answers to your problems they are trained experts who care and get results. Call your local psychology practice today for help from northern beaches psychology.

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Psychologists bust the natural treatment myths

The question falls largely on whether you would prefer a medical doctor or a psychological doctor. One knows more about the mind and the other knows more about the body and its functions. Let’s focus on the Doctor practicing homeopathy. This doctor would obviously know more about how the body works. He or she would address the biological aspects of the patient’s condition and act upon those. These things would be things such as fatigue, reaction to things and reaction timing, and how the body reacts to certain circumstances. He or she will study the bodily functions more so than the mind. This doctor would probably just try to hook the patient on some pills to keep the person coming back. A psychologist will provide solid talk therapy and help you understand where your condition originated from. A clinical psychologist has had 7 years at university learning how to help those with depression. This person will most likely be in a hurry to get you that prescription. He or she will most likely be quicker to shove you out the door with no care and compassion, just as long as he or she receives the paycheck. They may also be getting paid to push a certain type of drug or prescription. It may be worth it to you to pay more money for someone with a degree. That is fine, too. It all comes down to personal preference.

Psychology Does Help

The Homeopath doctor with no formal medical degree would focus more on the mind. He or she would most likely work with the symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and behavior. Just because this person has no standard medical degree, does not necessarily mean that he or she has no idea what they are doing. This only means that this person is not certified to work with only one area or the other. This doctor would more likely slow down and assess the situation, making a more reasonable choice for treatment. This person will probably know more about the conditions and the treatment associated with it. He or she will probably have a little more passion for his or her job and more compassion for the patients. In other words, this doctor would probably care more about the patient rather than the money. It may be hard to trust someone with no degree, but this does not necessarily mean anything. There is a difference between someone who cares about the patients and someone who will get paid lots of money to hook you on one treatment.

A decision like this can be tricky. You would need to know your doctors. If you were leaning more towards the doctor without a degree, you would want to know his or her history, what they know and where they learned it. You may want to inquire as to these things. The doctor with no degree would probably also suggest other remedies to help with the patient’s depression. He or she may suggest a certain other treatment or a psychologist. He or she may also suggest that you see someone else that may be able to be of more help to you. It all boils down to personal preference. Be wise in your decision-making and weigh the pros and cons out carefully.