Today, we have two new Buffalo-centric blogs for your perusal.

Buffalo Rumblings has been on the sidebar for a bit now, and it has earned a reputation with me as the best Bills blog in town. Rumblings is part of SB (SportsBlog) Nation, and it’s run by Brian G., a fellow Bills season ticket-holder, a fellow SUNY Geneseo Knight, and a very thorough writer. Brian started the site about a month-and-a-half ago and already has made an impact on my daily reading habits.


Also, The Goose’s Roost made it’s debut recently. At first it looked like a Sabres blog, but I can see the changes starting already now that the season has ended. Anyway, those guys are funny, witty, and wordy. In short, they’re everything BfloBlog used to be before we sold out for the big bucks. So go check them out as well.

Anyone who has rolled around the blogosphere long enough has seen their share of sites come and go. There had to have been 10-15 Sabres blogs start up this season, but very few are still posting regularly. I hope these two sites stick around.

In addition, there’s another new Sabres fansite that looks like they’re ready click to find out more