Polishing is a process that helps maintain the look of your vehicle and therefore must take place. You do not need to visit a garage or pay a lot of money for this to happen; you can do it yourself and achieve the desired look for your car. The steps below show how easy and possible it is to wash your car.


Step 1: Wash your car

Park the car in a well-shaded area and begin washing it. Washing the car in direct sunlight can result in the soap drying onto the paint of the vehicle, and this will work against getting a beautiful polish. Avoid parking the car in grass or muddy areas because it can get dirty immediately after washing which would be a waste of time and energy. After washing, do not dry the car because the moist helps in the polishing activity.

Step 2: Apply the polish paint

Using a polishing machine spread the polish smoothly across the surface of the vehicle. Work back and forth across the whole car and keep the spinning pad parallel to the car’s exterior to prevent swirling marks from appearing. The polishing process can be very messy, therefore make sure that you have covered up the seats of the automobile and keep children and pets indoors during this exercise.

Step 3: Wash off the polish paint

Hose the vehicle down first and then proceed to hand wash the polish off. Begin the washing from the top of the car going down and wash the tires thoroughly to prevent dirt and mud from sticking to the paint.

Step 4: Apply a coat of wax paint

The layer of wax paint gives your car the shine as well as glow, and it complements the polish paint. The wax also covers up any small area that may have missed the polish paint. Spread the wax with back and forward movements while applying steady pressure to the task.

Step 5: Rub in the polish

The point of this stage is to make sure that the polish paint has integrated well into the car’s paint. Use a clean, microfiber cloth and buff off any residue of polish paint that may be on the vehicle’s surface. Be sure to remove the polish residue form seals, panel gaps and any badges present on your car. Now you have a well-polished automobile to move around.

Some tips to consider
When you wash the car for the second time after applying the polish paint, use soap that does not contain wax as well as polish components. You do not need to use a lot of polish paint to achieve a well-polished vehicle because a little polish paint goes a long way and produces excellent results. In the first wash, it is recommended to wash the wheels first and use a different clothing on the body of the automobile. Cleaning the wheels first eliminates any harsh elements that may be present there, and that may affect the outcome of your polish job. Enjoy the work as well as the issue, that is, a sleek looking, shiny vehicle.

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