If space allows the getting a wooden decking installed on your balcony is a great thing to have. One thing to remember though, soft wood deck on balcony is opened to elements the same as it would be for a classic garden decking and therefore it needs a proper maintenance every so often. Hardwood decking boards will last much longer and is the preffered choice on balconies as the overall size of deck will be small and it needs to be as less maintenance free as possible.


Cedar hardwood decking Decking materials suitable for balconies are:

Ipe – mostly imported from Brazil. Ipe has a Class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel which makes this ideal for balconies.
Balau – one of the most popular wood species of hardwood decking currently sold in the UK. It is naturally resistant to weathering and decay which again makes this a good choice for balcony deck.
Oak – probably less exotic choice than the two mentioned above. A bit more care needed as well, nevertheless still a good choice.
Solid composite decking – maintenance free, just needs a good wash from time to time.
Many architects will include wooden decking in their designs for the new builds for roof teraces and balconies. It gives the building a bit more natural look which is always an added bonus in our concrete cities.

Some balconies are better suitable for wooden decking than others. It really needs an on site visit or a picture of your balcony sent to a contractor.

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