Organic SEO Puts Your Collective On Page One For Tattoo Terms

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the act of structuring your web site to be more relevant to the search terms applicable to tattoos. These changes, if done by an ethical, or “white hat” SEO firm will dramatically increase your search engine rankings. Quality organic SEO produces high ranking search results based on the information available on your web site, leading customers straight to your door. contact the tattoo search engine optimization experts at

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Organic SEO, a long term advertising solution For Tattoo artists

Organic search engine optimization for the ink industry is a constantly evolving business. Search engines are looking for the most relevant, user-friendly site pertaining to that search, not spam. Unfortunately, many internet marketing companies still focus on unethical “spammy” search engine optimization techniques for quick rankings. There is no such thing as a quick SEO fix. Be wary of tattoo marketing firms promising overnight front page results. Long term, ethical search engine optimization produces effective, first page results.

Search Engine Optimization Produces Results
Did you know that over 70% of tattoo artists search marketing traffic goes to natural or organic search results?
It has been estimated that currently, the average internet user is using the computer as often as they watch television. Our search marketing techniques will put you in front of your target market. Our innovative solutions will produce exceptional rankings for major search terms as well as more specialized industry-specific keywords.

SEO, a Three-Pronged Approach
Our unique three-pronged approach to organic SEO includes our proprietary Clean Code Technology, Rank Relevant Content and Prominence Linking packages. When you signup, we immediately recreate your entire website using “Clean Code Technology.” No web site? No problem, our team will send you design examples and will help you find the look that best fits your non-profit.

Once your web site has been created, we set about building intelligent articles detailing your company’s products and services. We work directly with you to provide content that not only ranks well, it sells your patients for you! All of our “Rank Relevant Content” is generated in house by our organic SEO team. Our research has repeatedly shown our “Rank Relevant Content” far out ranks our competition’s inferior out-sourced or mechanically generated content.

Google, Yahoo! and Bing determine your web site’s popularity without even looking at your site! Your “Prominence Link” is a rating that search engines give your site based on the number and quality of other web sites that link to it. If more web sites link to your website, your rating increases as do your rankings in search engines. Our “Prominence Linking” packages will build quality, one-way links to your website at no additional cost.

Once online and exposed, our client’s web sites receive constant attention. We not only track traffic but modify and tailor each page of your site to produce more sales leads. Our online tracking software allows us to monitor your inbound search engine traffic enabling us to tune your website for maximum client conversion. We even work with your advertising team to better optimize your current advertising to produce sales leads. At tattoo SEO, we provide a complete internet marketing package with trackable results.