Where replacement may not be practical for you or I, repair is a perfectly viable alternative with many benefits. What are some of these benefits?

First, the cost of refrigerator repair service is often less than the cost of replacement. Especially with skilled technicians who can avoid wasting time and parts that don’t need replaced, you can generally save yourself dollars for cents.

By the way, if you’re curious to see how refrigerators are made these days, check out this video over at the Discovery Channel.


Second, when purchasing new appliances, every company out there is more than willing to ship your brand new refrigerator to you, at a cost though. Where as the repairman who fixes your refrigerator will only pay for shipping on the specific parts you need, again keeping costs low.

Third, and often hidden, is the cost of disposing of your old appliances is nonexistent with repairs. Instead of replacing an entire refrigerator, which has otherwise good sheet metal, insulation, copper tubing, compressors, refrigerant, and storage compartments, you will only need to dispose of the parts that have gone bad.

And lastly, it’s simple the economically and ecologically responsible thing to do. Again, rather than disposing of other wise good products and letting them rot, corrode, and go to waste, you can simply replace those that absolutely need it.

Clearly, not only is refrigerator repair economical, it is also ecological. When spending money, be smart. Think repair, when your fridge won’t start!