Hidden text spam that has become popular in past SEO

The search engine crawler reads the keywords in the site and tells the search engine.

For a while, the more keywords there were on the site, the more effective the SEO was. Contact  2bearsmarketing bkk seo for an indepth analsis of what your web page needs to do to rank on google.

Still, when the search engine performance was not at this level, the spamming of SEO with hidden text became prevalent.

If you have a list of keywords that are obviously not related to the content of the site, visitors will also notice at a glance that it is spamming.

So, SEO techniques have been used to hide and display text so that the visitor does not know.

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If you make the text of the hidden text the same color as the background color of the page, the visitor will not know.

Also, if you display characters so small that they can not be read by the human eye, most people will not notice that they are characters.

Such spamming was rampant, as search engines were aware of the information even though it could not be read by humans.

Nowadays, with the advancement of search engines, a list of characters that have nothing to do with the content of the site is identified as spam.

Before starting SEO, you must first register with a search engine. An expert SEO agency will look at your on page and off page ranking signals and do its very best to ensure your page is easily able to be ranked.

Here, Yahoo! Let’s explain what is the way to get registered.

Yahoo! is a combined directory and robot search engine.

The crawler robot may be automatically patrolled and registered, but registration to the Yahoo! category is different.

Both directory management and registration review are conducted by human hands.

It is also famous for its strict screening criteria, in the sense of registering good sites.

If the content of the site is flimsy or a site with suspicious content is not registered at first.

Make sure to create a site that is rich in content, easy-to-read site with good design, and a site with many good links.

This will lead to SEO measures, so please practice.

Also, non-commercial sites are free for registration in the Yahoo! category, but commercial sites are charged.

Were you ready before SEO?