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During a time when many black metal bands (and one-man projects) seem engrossed with pushing the genre into new, unique territories, it’s actually quite refreshing to find projects that are still comfortable with vaulting listeners back to a time when more unsophisticated black metal beasts roamed the woods – bands like Judas Iscariot or very early Gorgoroth, for example. Well, bust out those porcupine-gauntlets and bullet-belts, folks, because Greece’s Dodsferd is here to wallop you upside the head with some seriously depraved, filthy black metal...old style.

Fucking Your Creation is as barbarous and rude as the title would suggest, and it’s certainly not intended for those fans that prefer their ears to be assaulted by clean, glossed, and overly complex material. Instead, this primordial beast is built to obliterate with tense, raucous, in-your-face riffs, and a percussive heart that flails and charges intensely for a lion-share of the time, but isn’t afraid to slow and roll into a solid groove best suited for pummeling as well. And resting directly in the belly of the beast - the architect of this monster, Wrath, brays forth some of the most loathsome vocals I’ve heard in the style for quite some time. This guy’s voice sounds so rasped and damaged, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find he sprays blood on his mic as he hollers his black heart out.

As far as album specifics are concerned, immediately following a relatively disturbing intro featuring a sample that sounds like a man in the midst of burning himself alive, the album hits directly into two lengthy numbers clocking in at over 10-minutes each. The first, “…And Disease Was Spread In A Matter of Seconds” hits your face like a buckshot blast from a foot away. The opening riff has very punkish, black n’ roll flavor that brings to mind a dirtier version of The Cult is Alive, but eventually melds the more traditional black metal elements that become more noticeable on the two subsequent tunes. The twelve-minute “I Was Welcome Only By Death”, and the self-titled fourth song both abandon the black n’ roll relish in favor of more traditional, blistering, repetitive ingredients, but still sound as if they’d be likely to erupt from some foul beasts paying homage to Judas Iscariot from a dark, webbed garage. The record closes out with a fairly unconventional, drumless tune that starts off sounding as if it’s just drifted in from a haunted house, but ultimately showcases Wrath howling his detestation of the human race and “fucking leeches”, all while swaddled in a surprisingly melancholy, slow, repeating guitar riff.

Although it’s great to see bands that used to play black metal of this ilk branch out into newfound, interesting territories, it's also quite nice to see projects like Dodsferd carrying the old torch of elemental, rancorous, classic black metal. In other words, if you love where bands such as Nachtmystium have recently taken us, but also find yourself pining for the earlier, more primal material, Fucking Your Creation will likely be right up your alley. Filthy, satisfying, and recommended.

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