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"From the opening moments of that chainsaw riff and bruising bass/drum propulsion on "Smoke of Death" you just know that you are hearing something some of us like to call "the real deal." It is just something about that raw, live-like production and bullshit-free bass/drum/guitar attack on Dishammer's Vintage Addiction that cannot be copied by faux metal wannabes. It is the kind of sonic atrocity that you feel in your guts. And when the pace picks up on that very same song and gets all Discharge on your ass, the feeling is pure 'n crusty metallic punk bliss.

With a vocal style that falls somewhere between Venom and Darkthrone, along with a blistering and ugly guitar tone and an amp-blowing sound mix, Vintage Addiction is designed to be played at one volume only: loud as fuck! Every damn song is a monster; the lyrics spat out like poison and the attack absolutely pummeling. Much of it is played in crust punk overdrive with the occasional thrashy riff (the title track in particular) and a layer of dirt reminiscent of Hellhammer and the first couple of Bathory albums. "Wish of Suffering" and "The End Here and Now" are probably most representative of the style.

The bass work is tough as hell too, often vital to the heart and soul of the song, as "Exterminate the Parasite" demonstrates. The bass rumbling on this one is fantastic and when the (early) Motorhead-ish solo hits with that rock-hard rhythm section backing it up the result is nearly orgasmic. Nobody is bullshitting around with Pro-Tools or needless overdubs here.

Indeed, Vintage Addiction is about as real as it gets. And how about that album cover? Makes ya feel a little dirty, doesn't it? It's ok, just go with it, man. Besides, wait until you see the back cover and the pictures in the booklet - pure filth and degradation, just like the music! Seriously, get off your ass and buy this album. It is essential!" - Scott Alisoglu

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