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The art of adding immense intensity to beauty is almost solely in the realm of black metal. While other extreme forms of music cater once and awhile to the juxtaposition of these two things, few sub-genres of metal can play to nihilism and humanism all at the same time. So many people confuse black metal with Satanic worship or harsh music bent on sucking the soul out of the listener along with any sense of goodness. This is not black metal in its bare form; yes, the music does possess the negative spirit of embracing the dark side of theology, but when you strip black metal down to its very foundation, you are left with the paradox of humanism and nihilism coexisting together on the same plain. If that sounds too deep for you, then please, go listen to your Nationalist Socialist bullshit and leave us music fans alone. But for those looking for a true, definitive modern take on art in ultimate aggression, feast your ears on Franceís Aldaaron and their debut opus, Nous Reviendrons Immortels .

France in the last couple of years has been at the forefront of pushing metal to itís limits, and while Aldaaron may not be breaking ground on new territory with this their debut record, itís certainly working with the best of what black metal has to offer. By combining the deep moodiness of Agalloch and fellow Frenchmen Les Discrets, along with the blasting cascades of Norwegian black metal, listeners are ushered into the ultimate complexity of the best of what black metal has to offer. While Burzum toils to regain itís roots, Aldaaron is building upon a stock that can and will persist if the band chooses to continue making such wonderful music.

Nous Reviendrons Immortels is an album for experienced black metal fans who simply want more out of the genre (which, any fan will admit, can become tedious amongst the various Eastern European and Southeast Asian upstarts popping up every which way) than sheer brutality, folkiness, or death metal influences. This is pure black metal built upon subtle melodic flavor and atmosphere that would rival the most popular and forthright post metal acts. Aldaaron has created some of the best black metal the world has to offer, and I encourage anyone to take a ganter.


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