Chaos Moon - Languor Into Echoes, Beyond


Ars Magna Recordings

1. De Mortalitate 05:38
2. Abstract Tongues 04:12
3. Waning 03:17
4. Simulacrum of Mirrors 14:17
5. The Palterer 07:13
6. Hymn to Iniquity 09:44
7. Countless Reverie in Mare 12:39
Total playing time 57:10

Review from MetalStorm.Net

My Microsoft Word-log reveals that the start of this review was made on the 4th of September, 2009. This review is finally finished in Januari 2010, in what has probably been the longest period of time I've ever needed to be able to wrap up a review. Right off the bat I could hear this would be a 'grower', but unfortunately I could never find the time and patience to fully devote myself to this release. "Some other time", I constantly found myself thinking. Time's a bitch, anyway. I never seem to have enough of it. And Chaos Moon Languor Into Echoes, Beyond is not the kind of girl you can have for a quickie.

It reminds me, in a stylistic sense, of Nagelfar, or more specifically, their album Srontgorrth. Both bands make (made) use of genre atypical elements in a completely natural, organic way flowing through different styles and moods with the greatest ease. Both bands are not afraid to approach music with a good sense of drama and ambition and a grand cosmic vibe, resulting in two stellar albums. In a more basic, genre-based sense, these two albums have few in common besides both being rooted in Black metal. Languor Into Echoes, Beyond relies on the same type of shrieks once employed by Mr. Vikernes, circulating riffs (rifts) of dissonance and strangely eerie and astral synths, sharing a few traits of Depressive Black metal (but none of its lifelessness). Occasionally a part here or there sounds a bit stale, but in general we're treated to very enjoyable and fresh Black metal.

What makes this band special is that it doesn't hold back any of it's joy. Perhaps its just me, but some of the instrumental, trance-like parts sound quite colourful and lively. That is fully due to the synths, which often take over and offer wonderful ambient parts. You can practically see the butterflies flying through sun-blessed, dew-covered meadows, while white-furred bunnies nibble on... ahum. Well, they're far less cheesy and putrid, they would probably fit better with drug-induced euphoria rather than children's books. Kataxu comes to mind, although their entire songs were entirely synth-driven and their interludes were trying to be 'songs' with motifs and patterns, where those of Chaos Moon are more soundscapes far more introvert of nature. I certainly find Chaos Moon's vision a lot more interesting.

All in all, Languor Into Echoes, Beyond is a welcome change in Black metal's usual bleak and dead scenery. In fact, Languor Into Echoes, Beyond in its entirety is a welcome change due to its fresh experimenting while staying close to the genre's guidelines. It is not only a grower that requires a decent amount of spins before judgment, it also becomes progressively captivating and touching as it goes through the tracklist. At times it is even wonderfully moving. What more can you ask for?

If you've got a thing for Black metal that builds on and goes further than standard Second Wave work, if you have a thing for astral/cosmic themes, or if you simply want to hear what some well-crafted Black metal ambient touches, this one's for you. Chaos Moon, Languor Into Echoes, Beyond. Give it time and your full attention.

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