Malignant Christ - Shrine of the Dismembered EP


Review by Clangor of War -

Tennessee-based Malignant Christ have returned with their debut EP, Shrine of the Dismembered. Released through Inverted Cross Records, it contains three tracks of malicious and well crafted Death Metal with an unworldly atmosphere. Despite its short length, it is one of my favorite releases of 2010, and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Compared to their 2009 demo, Malignant Christ have grown. They still retain much of the same qualities of their previous work, but in an improved form. The songwriting is stronger than ever, now. The addition of Joey Richesin was a brilliant move, as his demonic voice fits with Malignant Christ perfectly, matching the band’s overall evil-as-fuck sound. Vocally, he’s very low-pitched, like a cross between Ross Dolan (Immolation) and the late, great Joe Ptacek (Broken Hope). There are also some high-pitched shrieks that are just as sickening. The layered vocal parts are a nice touch too. Brandon Von’s guitar tone is fucking diabolical! It’s somewhat similar to Rick Rozz on Massacre’s glorious From Beyond album. His riffs are as memorable as they are sinister, which is a quality that I value in any band. Lee LeTourneau’s bass sounds like something wicked rising from beneath the ground, and I would have it no other way! The band uses a drum machine, but it is very well done! Shrine of the Dismembered in particular, andMalignant Christ in general, conjures up an aura of infernal evil, which may bring Profanatica to mind. Yet, the music is much more rooted in Death Metal than Black Metal, but it shares some of the characteristics with the aforementioned band. And like quite a few BM bands, Malignant Christ are hellishly atmospheric. The hypnotic quality of the music emphasizes the malevolent nature of their music. In general, the band has a distinct sound of their own, while at the same time they build upon their influences.

Like I stated before, in my review for their 2009 demo, Malignant Christ are a band to watch out for! They are one of the few newer bands who actually get the concept of writing Death Metal that is actually morbid and dark rather than just being “old school” or “brutal” for the sake of it. There aren’t many newer Death Metal bands that can keep my attention for too long, but Malignant Christ never fails to impress me! Fans of Immolation, Profanatica, early Hypocrisy and Incantation, BUY THIS EP TODAY, AND REJOICE! ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS!!!

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