Bleeding Fist - Devil's Ferox




1. Monuments Desecration 05:39
2. Devilís Ferox 06:48
3. Pillars of Black Enlightenment 05:29
4. Force the Dead to Confess 04:07
5. Black and Violet (Death SS tribute) 03:36
TOTAL 25:39

Review by Janet Willis for FORBIDDEN MAGAZINE

Bleeding Fist is for the serious old-school black metal fan with their own vile mixture of the first and second waves of black metal thatíll scorch the scalp right off your skull. Bleeding Fist is a refreshing return to form, back when the spirit and soul of the bands were to spread and portray violence.
The percussion is a battalion of iron cloven horses stomping all over a mass of what is now sweltering and horrifically foul smelling flesh, still screaming like lobsters being shoved in to the boiling cauldron.
The riffs are the quintessential stripped punkish/thrash chugging chainsaw ass-ripper buzzes true to the pernicious roots of BM. Some of the songs toward the end of the album are even more bastardized through some sort of baptism in nuclear contaminated excrement resulting in a distorted and perverted sound: sludge ridden, grimy and heavy.
Other times they sound like a hate-powered diesel spewing eviscerating a black metal shitstorm thatíll invoke lucid visions of barbaric torture and genital mutilation. Tracks like ďMorbid Psychotic DistortionĒ sound like Kreator experiencing fellatio given by a jagged razor toothed dominatrix courtesy of old Sodom. Thereís even a few sophisticated moments to be found and reminisced in like early Immortal/Emperor/Satyricon, etc. with technical arpeggio melodies fried in tremolo picking and that tin-like sound that really make it almost defendable against metal snobbery.
I also recommend alongside Bleeding Fist: Hammergoat, Cursed Christ, Dethroned Christ, Cultes Des Ghoules, and Gravewurm.

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