A Transylvanian Funeral / Black Torment Split Tape


Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on cassette. Covers are professionally
printed on gloss paper.

Review by DaVayne for Forbidden-Magazine.com

Defiling the Abhorrent Creations (Thorn Laceration Records) is the kind of cassette release that destroys stereos, computers . . . or whatever fucked-up hand-held device you think currently rules the roost. This is Black Metal delivered on a red-hot skillet: blistering, mean, and straight-forward.

Black Torment does little less than rip the listener’s face off with their four song offering. This Mexican Black Metal machine bashes SB 1070 with pulverizing blast beats and maniacal vocal fury. Vocalist Aghast minces vice and viciousness in The Rise of Hellish Fire, proving that Satanism is not only a topic of curiosity but also of creative application. Lord Agaliarepth tears up the guitar, chopping, shredding, and delivering the type of abortion we’ve all been waiting for on Stabbing Mary’s Womb. Lord Wicked proves his salt, delivering some incredible skin-work on Stabbing Mary’s Womb and Tyrant’s Sacrifice. The low-end is brought up and out by Orgasm Deliver, whose bass (though not mixed as well as it should have been) rumbles and bumbles about the respective songs, giving us the idea that O.D. needs a better platform upon which to shine his talent. In all, Black Torment show themselves as Black Metal masters. The whole question of “sell-out” bullshit is not only put to rest, here, but buried in a nameless grave.

A Transylvanian Funeral’s quatrain builds upon the most blasphemous Worship a Dead Fucking Goat. There are no frills here, people . . . just pure sickness, madness, and sledgehammer seriousness. Sleepwalker, A Transylvanian Funeral’s sole proprietor, slices through each of his four songs with slightly a nod toward his first, eponymous release. Premonitions might be considered the only “single” here, but it guts the otherwise crude bullshit expected of most bands considered by some to be of a “higher caliber.” Going Blind is a nightmare, plain and simple. Sleepwalker’s ability to hammer both guitar and bass, with such unabridged enthusiasm, kills this reviewer’s sense of clarity. Dismembered by Spirits closes ATF’s set with a vulgar salute to paranormal activity . . . that which does not kill you, just might fucking kill you! Alone . . . alive . . . Sleepwalker proves himself a leader among those who would claim the mantle of Black Metal as a solitary voice in the void . . .

Defiling the Abhorrent Creations is the type of split release that few will own and many will covet. Only five hundred were made, and I’ve got number twenty four. The cassettes themselves are blood red -- fitting, considering their content. Who gives a fuck what band is on what side . . . just throw this monstrous bitch in the deck and crank up the volume!

I hope you fuckers have renters’ insurance. . .

Black Torment information:
- All music by Black Torment
- Arrangement by Daniel Desecrator
- Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at Binaural Studio
- Tracks 3 & 4 recorded at Azrael Studiorn

A Transylvanian Funeral information:
- All lyrics and music by Sleepwalker
Black Torment (Mex)
1. The Rise of Hellish Fire 04:17
2. Stabbing Mary's Womb 03:11
3. Tyrant's Sacrifice 02:25
4. Profane Evil Call 04:10
A Transylvanian Funeral
5. Worship A Dead Fucking Goat 05:32
6. Premonitions 05:12
7. Going Blind 04:03
8. Dismembered 07:59
Total playing time 36:49

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