When i was younger… in 2004 if i remember well ! I played to Betrayal at Krondor using the famous DOSBox. More than 11 years after it’s official release, Betrayal at Krondor was still a great game ! Despite the old graphics, the story was great, the music was wonderful and there were tons of things to do ! And of course i had to use DOSBox to play it on a brand new windows. That’s where GOG comes in… I love this company !


They’re basically doing all the dirty work for us, i mean configuring DOSbox for every old games they’re selling via their platforms. I find that a great initiative to revive oldies ! Though for Lands of Lore 2, i have to say that the 3DFX version isn’t working well with their DOSBox config… i’ve even tryed with another DOSBox from some japanese website, and in the end i’ve managed to get Lands of Lore 2 to work with 3D… but at 1 FPS !!! So i just gave up… anyway that’s just an old game, i am not going to spend hours for just an old game.

Besides… it Was not Worth it !
If i played Lands of Lore 2, that’s because i’ve finished the first episode in the first place ! Because after finishing Krondor back in 2004-2005, i decided to try another old game using DOSBox and Lands of Lore was my next move. It was a great RPG as well with very cool cinematics and some good music ! Very interesting… that’s why i needed to play to this sequel ! And… i felt deceived !

Frankly… the first part of Lands of Lore 2, let’s say the first 20 hours are interesting Ok ! But after that the more i was progressing into the game, the more i was finding it BORING and so i was frustrated at the same time ! The Graphics are not bad… they are Ugly ! C’mon even a 1993 game like Betrayal at Krondor was better ! The musics are bringing a nice ambiance, but when you’re bored you just begin to not give a fuck about it. The controls and menus are one of the worse i’ve seen in such a game in a long time…

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